Juliette binoche and ralph fiennes dating

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Fiennes has the misfortune of being good in a Wes Anderson movie. But, what I remember most are the references to Canadian places...

Actors are resistant to acknowledge real work can happen there. The first time I saw The English Patient, I loved it. Picton, Ontario where my ancestors settled 200 years prior to the movie's release.

Now the memory: this was the first Binoche movie I've seen she's been the best actress of the world to me ever since.

I was entranced by her and by the way she entranced me by saying nothing, by putting the most expressive face ever without moving a single muscle.

His look seems to check if the moment has resonated with anyone else—though just putting it into words destroys the speed and subtlety of the execution.

Then a stage actor with hardly any screen experience, Fiennes announces himself in a single close-up as a born movie star, able to seduce the camera while holding back a hinterland of mystery.

Fargo is still the better choice but the best film of 1996 in my opinion is Breaking the Waves.

Binoche and KST still look fuckin' good and when is Ralph Fiennes ever going to get that Oscar.

I do feel like this and Out of Africa are two of the best epics of the latter half of the 20th century and I can certainly agree to being swept away by both of them.Kristen, Margot, and Lily-Rose are all faces of the brand.Ralph Fiennes spent two years battling to direct his first film.I have seen it at least fifty times-I used to watch it after breakup.Every time I can't tell whether it's Binoche or KST or Fiennes giving the better performance. Didn't understand most of what was being said the first time I saw it so didn't make much of it then.

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His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing an involvement in a fateful love affair.

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