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Jewish onlinedating com

If I couldn’t find a Jew to marry, then I guess I’d just have to make one.

(Parents, now would probably be a good time to stop by your kids summer camps. After all, I’d seen her profile and saw that she had checked “Reform,” just as she saw that I had checked “Orthodox.” So, clearly, a relationship between us was not something that was going to work out.

(I’m not exactly sure why my profile was deleted, and I never got an answer from the site’s admins asking.) And that’s how and why JOCFlock was born.

Because no one looking for love should really have to be put through a crucible of completely unrelated pain first.

It’s okay, I can say that: I was born on Valentine’s Day.

But seriously, whose genius idea was it to place a holiday celebrating passion and romance and love in the dead of winter’s cold, cold heart?

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Case in point, consider Ayanna Nahmias’s biracial Jewish son who doesn’t want to date Jewish girls because of the bullying and rejection he’s experienced since Hebrew school, and a lack of being able to see himself reflected in his Jewish community.