Jael de pardo dating devon

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  Jael De Pardo is a reporter by training, Jael has produced and reported from vacation destinations and conflict zones alike, covering everything from fashion to the FARC to the environment.She has produced stories in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico.This wiki is about the Sy Fy series, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.This wiki will include the episodes and the cases that they try to close.Her parents knowing their daughter’s interest and creative mind, they gave Jael’s photo to Ford Modeling Agency. Ever since she began appearing in various promotions and perspectives.

Information about her salary is not disclosed by any media but we can assume that she is earning a lucrative amount of salary to live a luxurious life.

De Pardo then moved to the Los Angeles, California after graduation and majored in exhibit design and multimedia studies, in pursuit of an acting career.

In California, she studied with many experts and best coaches in the field, to name a few, Susan Batson, Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti.

Jael is not seen doing many of the cases that involve ghosts or spirits.

She normally does the cases with Ben with the extraterrestrial.

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With hard work and dedication and with Jael’s Knowledge and experience she has been awarded Bronze Remi and Telly Awards.