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Isex chat sites

Artistically, Davies felt that the relationship's unexplored potential maximised the viewer's sense of grief.

Subsequent to the departure, fans set up websites in the character's honour, petitioning the writers to resurrect him in future episodes of the series, raising money for charity.

Elizabeth filled two glasses with vodka and returned to her laundry.Initially the regular character with the least screen time, Ianto's role expanded in response to growing cult appeal.Reserved and efficient, Ianto was often used by writers to add humorous asides to the episodes' scripts.The character becomes the main romantic interest of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), who is the lead male of the series.Established to have had heterosexual relationships prior to the series, Ianto's story forms a part of the show's ongoing exploration of human sexuality.

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Expanded Universe material develops on Ianto's sexual orientation and the nature of the relationship with Jack, describing Ianto as bisexual and his feelings for Jack as genuine love.

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