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The title of the afternoon session is “What to Build Next?

” and Fadell is onstage with two other bona fide tech zillionaires—Niklas Zennström, the Skype guy; and Kevin Ryan, one of New York City’s most successful internet entrepreneurs—as well as a couple of other founder-­investor types.

What is the one word that people who know you would use to describe you? ”With that, the panel is over, and Fadell is mobbed as he tries to leave the Grove’s 18th-century manor.

What’s the biggest problem facing the world right now? Then he adds, “We’regoingtohavetogonuclear …” before being hushed by the moderator for busting the one-word rule. “Computational synthetic biology,” Fadell says, bending the rules a second time.

Didn't know that we appeared in Hotlink Music Run video afterwards.

at the Grove, a spectacularly beautiful country estate outside of London.

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