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Beth was blonde with a really nice figure; she had a really pert ass and really good D cup breasts.Beth was married with a young son and lived less than half a mile from our house.I shouldn’t have worried though because at no time did I see any other clients attending the gents' only night.

I guessed it was Beth but at this time I had no idea who it was, all I could see was a perfect pair of legs wearing really high heels.

I had never had a proper massage before, so when I started to suffer from sciatica my wife promised she would treat me to a special one.

My wife Jules regularly went for a massage as a treat at a Members Only parlour, so when she had her last one she asked if she could book me in for what was advertised as a “gents' only special massage.” She asked what was special about that type of massage; she was though unable to find out anything as it was strictly for men only.

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My wife informed me of her little surprise and that she had to choose the type of masseur I wanted, blonde, brunette or redhead, and had opted for a blonde as she knew that was my favourite hair colour.

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