Inexperienced diy dating

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Older guys have usually been married before or had their hearts broken before and don’t hold any woman in enough esteem to put them on a pedestal.Younger guys, however, are still naïve to the world of women and you are the icing on his cake.This guy will take you to all the parties, he knows all the hippest hangouts and he will be the first to introduce you to the “in” crowd.Younger guys are much cooler than we are, ladies, let’s face it. If you happen to get the right younger guy (and I will talk about the wrong ones soon) he will treat you like gold.If you are a MILF or a cougar, then you already know what I’m talking about when I say this guy loves to show you off!

They philosophize, they react to the world and they look at things from different angles, which is really a relief if you’re tired of dating the older guy who just wants to sit at home and watch the game (then talk about it after).

I dated this older guy who still lived at home with his mom (what can I say, ladies, bad judgment on my part) but he had no respect for women because he never had to do anything by himself. I had to pay, he always walked in front of me, he didn’t care about my opinion…the list goes on.

Younger guys have just recently moved out of their family home and are in that “Now what? Because of this (doing their own laundry, cooking for themselves, etc.) these guys are going to really appreciate their mom and therefore will appreciate you as an older, distinguished woman.

If you have never dated a younger man, then you probably don’t understand why women would bother with the young and inexperienced.

After all, shouldn’t we be trying to date guys who already have a good job and are ready to settle down?

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