Ideas celebrate 1 year dating anniversary

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For example, during the fall when the leaves are turning or in the spring when everything is in bloom a scenic boat tour is most applicable.

Of course, to enjoy said scenery, you might have to forgo dinner in favor of a lunch cruise in order to have enough daylight to enjoy the view.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Going on a weekend excursion to a romantic local, such as a Bed & Breakfast, is another great way to celebrate your one year anniversary.

Enjoy breakfast in bed before taking in a few fun local attractions and then heading home by Monday.

Oftentimes, dinner cruises feature entertainment, such as singing groups.

However, during certain times of the year, the dinner cruises are designed for simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.

After all, it’s nice to sleep in your own bed and enjoy your own personal space.Everyone agrees a marriage is well worth celebrating, which is why you had a wedding extravaganza in the first place.Therefore, just as your original wedding day was worthy of attention and admiration, your anniversaries in the subsequent years should be celebrated that much more.Where and how you choose to do that exactly is inconsequential, but you just might get to have sex on the first date — again!Another great first anniversary idea is a hot-air balloon ride. The setting allows you and your honey to float through the skies while enjoying the view and each other’s company.

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Your one-year anniversary is the first opportunity you have to celebrate your marriage, post wedding.