Hungarian chat line numbers

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Hungarian chat line numbers

You're certainly not the only person, but I do hope you're part of a declining trend :) The problem with Hungarian notation is that it's trying to implement a type system via naming conventions.

This is extremely problematic because it's a type system with only human verification.

Mass renames are susceptible to all sorts of subtle bugs.

Instead of using names to implement a type system, just rely on the type system. Newer IDE's make it much easier to discover a variable's type (intellisense, hover tips, etc ...) and really remove the original desire for Hungarian Notation.

The real value in Hungarian notation dates back to C programming and the weakly typed nature of pointers.

Even if you can decide on sensible Hungarian notations it still makes the actual variable name slightly harder to read because you have to skip past the "LPZCSTR" (or whatever) at the start.

More important is the maintainance cost though, what if you start of with a List and change to another type of collection (something I seem to do a lot at the moment)?

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