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"But now the industry is so competitive that it's more about what sites claim they can do than what us eggheads could actually do for people." So Thompson quit and used what he'd learned to write an analog guide to finding your libidinous match, (Sourcebooks, 2010).We talked to him about it, and about his booming former industry. MT: I hated the way we overpromised and underdelivered.Couples today are unwilling to settle for sexual boredom. In my studies, I've found that about half of daters say they're looking for "sexually passionate romance" and want to have a "great" sex life. If I see a film-star's photo in the search results or a boy's photo claiming to be a girl, I will most probably never trust the site with my data.I think Ignighter (now stepout) doesn't pass on almost any of the above-cited factors. Boys to Girls ratio: A pretty good proxy for "trust" that people place on a site is the male to female registration ratio (Big matrimonial sites in India do around male to female).

In other words, it should create a "safe" environment for them to use the site and "have fun" without being accosted by the near-infinite,spray-and-pray, 20-something Indian youth.I know lots of start-ups in the dating space posing impressive growth.But, generally, they are modelled on the concept of "walled gardens" where the contact detail is hidden and is revealed upon payment.These qualities often line up with what you want interpersonally, too. MC: How can we know if there's chemistry before we have sex?

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There are a few start-ups in the dating space that are trying to address that.

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