Help with intimidating neighbours Skype hot chatters manila area

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Help with intimidating neighbours

They live in a small two bedroom house with a tiny garden and the dogs are labradors.

But I am sure their first question is going to be 'how much are you thinking of' and that will have a big impact on their decision, so best to have a rough figure in mind. Which he thought was ridiculous, and when I mentioned it in passing I suspect he thought I was fishing for a similar amount. Instictively in mind I have 40k which is about the value I think it would to our house. To arrive at a value, you need to consider how much it is worth to you, and how much to them.I would like to reiterate that we want to own this land only to extend our garden - as you know we have x children and they would appreciate more outdoor space [or whatever the reason is] and we have no plans to build on it.We would be prepared to add a covenant to the deeds prohibiting this if you wanted it [if you would be prepared to do this].We have no interest whatsoever in building on this land either now or in the future and would reflect a “no build” clause in the transfer deeds if required.We understand you have received an offer from an interested party for the land at the rear for a sum you considered insignificant, and whilst we have no specific figure in mind at this point, it would reflect your loss of amenity and the value that you put on the land.

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Thanks tedglenn, whereabouts in the country are you.

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