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Hearing person dating a deaf person

He would come every day to my job, bringing me love notes and small gifts. We got married in Jamaica on Christmas Eve, a year and a month after meeting. Not yet knowing the signs for "Honor" and "Obey", I sorta flapped my hands around. Well, I couldn't understand him when he signed with other Deaf people. The most surprising thing was Deaf people didn't seem to care what color I was..were more interested in the fact that I was hearing.

I finished Level I, took it again as well as Levels II and III. I went to the local community college and took the interpreter courses - a three year program that took five years at night. Deaf people sometimes are surprised I'm hearing, but many of them know me by now. I noticed my then boyfriend would sign, "This is my girlfriend. She's hearing." And somehow that part...."She's hearing" was the kicker. I didn't know that it's a fairly rare occurrence for deaf-hearing relationships to work.

Slowly and painfully I begin to sign...totally blowing my friend's mind!

Anyway, I tell the guy I am beginning to learn sign language.

I’m not going to write back and forth for the rest of my life.

I’ll give the hearing person a chance to start picking up signs in the beginning of a relationship while we start getting to know each other over messaging systems (text/chat).

But the way I introduce myself is part of the culture.

What annoys me most is that people don't naturally assume we are a couple when we are together, but really it happens mostly with whites though. Mostly black people were worried about my being hurt ("Suppose you get into an argument and he calls you a 'n......'?! Whites (shuddering with the horror of it all) wanted to know if I had met his parents (wanting to all know the dirty details of how I had been rejected no doubt) Last week, upon meeting this hearing guy with a deaf girlfriend, we are comparing notes (as the hearing side in a deaf-hearing relationship is wont to do). I didn't have the "door knock" set up (lights flash when you knock on the front door).

I didn't care where, but I would go anywhere to get out of the house.

Anyway I notice that the local high school is offering sign classes. " He leans forward, "No." Well I am shocked (never been turned down before..are usually surprised and flattered), and I am embarrassed (hey, guys now I know how you feel! " Knowing he will follow me, with my friend's friend I go to the next room where there is a live band.

I had always wanted to learn, now's my opportunity. We get to the local club and I notice a tall good looking guy, dressed in cowboy clothes, the whole getup, "talking" (or seeming to) to this guy and watching the dancers. When I get close, I think, "uh-oh he looks kinda mean. ) I stand there with my drink and try to pretend I had just walked over to watch the dancers, sure that everyone had watched this transaction and are now rolling on the floor with laughter. I walk over to her and say, "Do you see that guy over there? " Well, I look over and he's looking at me with great interest. " (Really, I'm positive this is exactly what he was thinking! We get near the band and I feel a tap on my shoulder.

That’s pretty much what happened with both of the relationships (ex and current) I’ve had in my life so far.” Blake is a deaf man in his early 30s who is married to a deaf woman says he found dating deaf people easier, “since we both knew sign language and I’m comfortable with it”.

He adds, “I’ve dated hearing girls before but not all of them wanted to learn sign language and I didn’t like that. They always expected me to do all the work in lipreading.” Lindsey, a 20-something deaf student at Gallaudet University said she could go both ways but would prefer someone who signs already: “I dated boyfriends in the past that I taught sign language but they either eventually stopped making efforts or we broke up.

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Other races assume we are together if we are standing together. Suddenly, he blurts out, "Yeah, and not to mention dealing with the interracial thing! Once he noticed the cats' ears flicker and figured it out and the second time I had to go to the neighbor's and call the relay service to call him on the TTY (TDD) that I was standing outside banging on the doors and windows.

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