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As he lies on the floor his guards do nothing, indicating they have sided with Ellaria.As she twists her knife into Doran, Ellaria angrily says he remained passive despite the brutal deaths of both his sister and brother, and that the people of Dorne are with her, now.After settling into his chair, Maester Caleotte brings him a message that Myrcella has died.Before he can give an order, Tyene stabs Areo Hotah in the back, killing him, while Ellaria stabs Doran in the chest.As he is gasping, Doran begs Ellaria to spare Trystane, but Ellaria coldly scoffs at him. Cersei is sitting alone in her room, when a servant enters and announces that a ship from Dorne has arrived.Realizing that Myrcella has come home, she joyfully runs down to the harbor, only to see a grim-faced Jaime alongside a shrouded body. Later, in the Red Keep, Cersei asks Jaime when was the first time he saw a dead body, to which Jaime replies their mother's.

Their conversation is interrupted by a crowd of screaming people running from a huge cloud of smoke.The Khal unbinds her and promises her that she will not be harmed.When Daenerys asks to be escorted back to Meereen in exchange for the promise of one thousand horses for her safe return, Moro's wife tells her that she has to remain in the temple of Vaes Dothrak with the other Khals' widows for the remainder of her days and become a Dosh khaleen.Arya poorly tries to defend herself but fails miserably.The Waif stops and says that they'll meet tomorrow.

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