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Gujurati dating

My mother, at 5"8", was still very much a good-looking woman, with a voluptuous full figure. I loved sitting with my back to her, between her legs, feeling her fingers through my soapy hair and the head of her cock poking against my back. I am still your mother and I expect you to do what I say. She had been quite a stunner in her youth, and she looked after herself to this day. She was now a size 14, but the proportions were still in balance. We should get something straight, she said, after we'd cleaned up, and were enjoying the soak. Today, my mother, in the tight saree she had worn all day, teased me with the way her arse cheeks stretched, wobbled, and rippled, as she worked in kitchen My dad died of cancer before my third birthday, so I never knew him. She had a successful career as a producer of a local news program, so we never wanted for money. She's never really dated that I can remember although sometimes I wonder if shes just waiting until I go to Office. With that matter resolved, my mom served me my eggs and toast, then poured herself a bowl of Special K to eat. I had been attracted to her, but I hadn't been sexually aroused by her touch. I asked myself a thousand questions but the one which popped up most was: am I gay? I didn't think about men in a sexual way, but now I began to wonder. She continued to jack us off and her pace quickened. I waited until I heard the sound of running water and then climbed out of bed as well. You should get washed up and go to bed, Beta, she said. I could tell from the tone of her voice that something was wrong. I pushed the door open and stepped into the bathroom to find my mom, wrapped in a towel, sitting on the toilet seat lid. I felt a little straight being naked while she was covered by the towel, but I sat down on the edge of the Jacuzzi anyway. I'm so sorry, Beta, she said softly, looking at the floor. Watching her cook my scrambled eggs (dry with pepper, just the way I like them) I had to admire her. I made a face at her, expressing my disapproval of the bland cereal and my mom laughed. As I walked down my driveway, I saw my mom's car parked in the garage. I walked into the garage and through the door into the house. She likewise spread her legs and scooted towards me until her legs were over mine and our nutsacks pressed together. The body heat was swearing and we were both perspiring profusely. I walked over to the bathroom door and knocked gently.

I continued to share my eyes as mom hooked her thumb around the elastic waist of her red pantie and pulled it down to her knee.. We both flung our respective covers aside, letting them fall to the floor. It was so big that I had trouble getting my fingers around it. During office hour she wore saree, but in some occasion she wore completely as male. Of course, I don't think you could ever deny me if I really needed it badly enough.Means like men, my Mom wore suits,jeans and shoes but now like they are more Indian nowadays at home, and out shopping or relaxing, but traditional at social functions, where appropriate. You love me too much." She laughed and agreed that it was probably true. I took her by the hand and held it as she rose to her feet.And Mom finally got her panties down to her feet and put it into the machine. My eyes focused immediately on her huge breasts, barely contained by the bra, They had to be double D's. I would read about shemales but I completely seen my mother from my early chilodhood. I rested my head just above her left breast and continued to watch the movie. I can only compare it to the feeling you get right before falling asleep. Before, she had been doing laundry and caught by surprise. My eyes flicked down to her crotch and I expected to see a wet hairy pussy of my mom, but I get the biggest shock of my entire life. Mom was an woman but she had no vagina, had a big manhood in between her legs. And I had been disgusted and disturbed by the thought that mom has penis with balls bigger than mine. I pulled it out and stroking , once again I see the entire seen of my mother. My mom tugged the material of her nightgown up until the hem was below her breasts. She grabbed the hem and pulled the entire garment off, then dropped it to the floor beside her. Taking a deep breath and letting it out shakily, I pulled my head into my shirt, then worked it off quickly. Then I reached down under the blankets with both hands and wiggled out of my boxer shorts. You're warm, you're safe, and the worries of the world are washed away by the comforting darkness. Now, she was fully erect, her shaft jutting ten inches nearly straight up. Her scrotum lay between them, like two eggs in a nest.

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