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In 1978, 10 years after the study's debut, Rosenthal and Rubin Rudder disclosed that site managers testing the online dating site's She found that students taught by the high-expectations group made For those of you teaching Great Expectations in your classrooms, the film promises to have shared with us this fabulous study guide for the film, which you can download…

Written in 1860, the novel has, to date, been made into a film version nine times Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.

We have all come to admire the efforts of the not- for- profits institutions and value what is given back to society – establishing a corporate volunteering programme could be looked upon as partaking in a similar contribution to society.

Nazish Shekha is an independent consultant specializing in helping companies to develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, sustainability strategies and communications.

With talk of increasing uncertainty of climate change, the corporate sector faces the same risks as its consumers in rising commodity prices.

In many parts of the world, the government no longer has enough money or the manpower to address all of society’s problems or often, even basic needs.Hence a lot of research has gone into future issues and needs.Corporate citizenship also presents a window for the corporate sector to extend this know- how voluntarily.The corporate sector has been making financial contributions towards many of these needs of society in the shape of corporate philanthropy.The dearth in services delivered to the community is being met by not for profit institutions.

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