Gossip girl ed westwick dating

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You’ll get into something and if for one second leave it, you go back and you have so much to catch up on. I think the actors are incredible, I think the writing’s amazing. I ended up watching a few of the episodes from where I had left off, just to kind of get the tone and see where everyone was, and then I went and auditioned and within, like, two days they had offered it to me and I was super excited, and it was such a great season and awesome working with Emmy [Rossum, who plays Fiona].

In this next episode coming up you see that I am introduced a little bit more to the family.

Yeah, we all met in Arizona for my mom and my aunt’s birthday. We like playing games, we like dancing and doing karaoke and ice skating and making arts and crafts. [My mom] is like a kid at heart but yet a really good mom with good advice and [she] keeps us grounded and calls us out. I just never asked because I figured it’s such a different character, different time.

You know, I never asked them, and I did find that interesting. Yeah, Emma [Kenney], who plays Deb, was like, "Oh my gosh, that was my favorite show." And she was such a sweetheart.

So we had a pretty long conversation just about filming that and the different characters and how everyone was off set.

And Emmy’s from the Upper East Side, so she was a fan of the show as well.

There’s something interesting that happens that is quite shocking.

They gave a really nice introduction at the table read.

When you come into a show and everyone’s working together, it’s kind of like [you’re] the new kid on the block and everyone knows each other, but they couldn’t have been sweeter or nicer, more professional.

I watched it for the first couple seasons and then I didn’t stay caught up, and then when I was asked to come in to take the meeting and audition for it, I had called my manager and I’m like, "Do I need to watch these three seasons?

" And I was always a big fan — you just know how TV is now.

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