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Georgia radio stations dating line services

Also, these types of rheostats were available in many different values of total resistance and maximum current flow ratings.This JAGABI has a screw-thread drive within the square tubing to allow minute adjustment of the slide contact position.Today there is a Leeds & Northrup doing business out of the UK specializing in industrial furnace temperature monitoring devices. One of Edward Weston's products was "The Weston Standard Cell" which was a mercury-cadmium battery that provided a very specific DC voltage that didn't change over long periods of time. Cell voltage was nominally 1.018638vdc for most of its life.

These values show how much resistance is to be subtracted if the junction is shunted by a pin.

Most of these types of devices used nickel-chromium wire wound on ceramic forms.

All of these rheostats will have a slide adjustment to vary the value of resistance (or voltage when connected as a potentiometer) as necessary for the experiment.

Some of the Resistance Bridges were used to locate shorts in long runs of multi-conductor cable.

L & N was purchased by General Signal Company in the mid-1990s. This L&N box differs from the "shunt-pin" type of R box in that the resistance value desired is just "dialed-in" with the switches. The hard rubber used in L&N equipment has a tendency to turn brown with long-term exposure to light. As can be seen from the property asset decal on the front, this instrument was used a Mount Wilson Observatory.

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Various types of laboratories also purchased L & N equipment.

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