Gayle king dating mayor booker

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Day and did an impression of him doing his ''I have a dream'' speech. am Next up we heard a segment from January 17, 2006 where Robin talked about her meats and vegetables masturbation.

Howard asked if she's ever put anything up her ass. She said she used to make several trips to the refrigerator as she was trying stuff out and had to stay quiet so she wouldn't wake anyone. She said that it was pretty big, like a bratwurst or something like that.

day today so they played a new special called ''This Date in Howard History'' (TDi HH) instead.

am Howard and the crew are off for Martin Luther King Jr.

Boots was slurring his words and complaining about the way the show ran yesterday.

Howard told him that it's his show and he runs it the way he wants to.

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He gave her a 6 and said if it had been a dude, it would have been a 9.

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