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Big contributor of the aging face is the loss of bone volume which results in the sagging of soft tissues.

Of course loss of collagen is the other obvious factor. Gibbs is/was semi-retired but still treating patients, actually some of my readers are flying out to see him currently going through the same treatment as me.

My lips & mid face definitely became narrower after extraction, and after reversing it, it became more full and healthier looking again.

but there is already scientific studies that show that just posturing your body differently changes a person’s mood & even hormone levels.

Humans have the body, mind, emotion & possibly spiritual aspects that make up who we are & they are all inter connected, assault in one dimension can for sure affect others.

I finally got the bicuspid implants in December of 2015 so it was a long road, but can’t put a price tag on having a smile that you are happy about.

Yes my hunches were correct, regaining the 4 bicuspid definitely adds something to your smile that doesn’t always translate to orthodontists simply looking at pictures of teeth alignment.

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The smile and lip support is so much better when the teeth is slightly tipped forwards, in the molds it may look too far out by visually they look fine actually and some of that may also balance out with proper lip seal over time.

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