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The BME280 is unable to compensate for the heat produced by the CCS811 This can cause the displayed temperature to be up to 15° higher than the actual ambient temperature.To compensate for this take the difference between an initial temperature reading (with a cold sensor) and a final temperature reading (after letting the sensor warm up).The CCS811 also has a feature that allows it to fine tune its readings if it has access to the current humidity and temperature.Luckily for us, the BME280 provides humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure!This allows the sensors to work together to give us more accurate readings than they’d be able to provide on their own.We also made it easy to interface with them via IC PU” triple jumper on the bottom side with a hobby knife.If you haven’t yet assembled your Qwiic Shield, now would be the time solder the headers to the shield.With the shield assembled, Sparkfun’s new Qwiic environment means that connecting the sensor could not be easier.

With this one, you must pass the ICCS811 Burn-in Time: Please be aware that the CCS811 datasheet recommends a burn-in of 48 hours and a run-in of 20 minutes (i.e.The CCS811 library defines a special data type to deal with error states of functions.In most places, the library can be used without paying attention to the function return types, but here are the values the data type ).Note: This example assumes you are using the latest version of the Arduino IDE on your desktop.If this is your first time using Arduino, please review our tutorial on installing the Arduino IDE.

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If there was a problem during begin, it will return a non-zero code indicating what happened.

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