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Back story is basically I used to weigh 240 pounds, over the last 4 years I'm down to 150 (I'm 5'8).

Six months ago I got myself a coach who has me on a strict lifting schedule/ counting my macros and I love it but of course you don't see progress overnight.

Not saying only fat people have those traits, just that its more common. You'll have a great body and the personality to match and don't ever feel like you're unworthy of someone :) hope i could help. If you are attracted to someone, then don't ever feel unworthy. The human is by nature wired to find healthy(fit) = attractive, and unhealthy(fat)= unattractive, for a reason.

People used to tell me, "OMG, who cares if you're fat? On top of that, my face is actually really pretty -- from what I'm told, anyway -- and my body slimmed down to that of a Kim Kardashian shape (small waist, big butt).

I had just finished two miles straight and it was a huge turning point of how much I had accomplished.

Sorry, dude, just because you wanted to bone me consistently when I was big doesn't mean I have to stay with you. No one wanted you."Yeah, but they do now, and you're an ass for saying that. He or she may have been there for you, but was it for good reasons?

For example, a girl who's attractive and fit probably cares more about her health, but it doesn't mean she's a generous and loving person.

It also gets more nuanced: even if she cares about her health, she doesn't necessarily have a strong sense of self-worth.

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Most guys don't want a rock hard body they want a real bitch For the vast majority of guys, personality trumps all with women. It highlights some good personality traits that men, particularly "jacked" men, would find attractive.

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