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First impressions meeting dating sexual

These apps are now reliable enough to offer a positive experience for event attendees and help bridge some of the previously-existing communication gaps.

Traverse the communication gap: keyboard_arrow_right Use remote translation services. With this type of technology, translators could be available remotely or through an app giving your attendees a good communication experience regardless of time and where they are at your event.

Since 2010, we have published some of the most successful research ever done on trends. Internally we call this ongoing, eight year-long research, Event Trends Watch. We will update it with research (we just closed one with 2,400 respondents). For each trend, we are giving you practical tips to make it happen. For event industry trends 2018, here’s what I am going to give you:2018 will be a big year for event planning as many of the long talked about event planning trends will soon be within our reach.

This is what makes our meetings and events industry trends different from others. It’s fun to speculate on what the future may look like. It is based on the following: This is why eyebrows rise when we read about trends sometimes. It is a great complement to our annual trends report (where you will find examples and thought leadership advice). Smartphones have more capabilities and connections to our lives, event tech is becoming more reasonably priced and targeted to individual needs, and tech that used virtual and augmented reality was on many people’s gift-giving lists this year.

This is your insight platform to navigate 2018 and access the latest ideas changing the way we plan and execute events.

If there is one thing that event planners from all over the world love Event MB for it would be current trends in event planning. This page will become the reference for those researching the industry.

They could attend meetups and the hallway track by being able to select from in-person led experiences not just watching sessions.

AI is increasingly becoming the norm behind attendee experience.

That means you want to be covered at your next event.

Voice assistants have become wildly popular because they’re easy and enjoyable to use and they act as our own personal attendant.

They can remind us of engagements as well as tasks.

This has some fantastic implications for your event attendees and those who are following the excitement at home.

They no longer have to be mere voyeurs but can join in.

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keyboard_arrow_right Use subject matter experts regardless of their knowledge of the language that most of your attendees speak.

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