Fine for physicians dating and timing

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Fine for physicians dating and timing

Our presence here could only have been preparation for a more glorious life to follow.

It's impossible to think that all we can look forward to is total oblivion." His brother, however, is much more of a realist.

Drawing on the insights I have gained from my studies and from my faith, I do not fear death as the great unknown.We are afraid because we fear that nothing about us will matter anymore. It is almost impossible for us to think of our survival beyond the grave.The meaning of our selves is defined by our bodies as essential parts of our being.Most often I seemed to know what to say to those confronted by the gravest challenges. Yet this time I realized it was so totally different. We assume we will live forever even though no one has ever accomplished that feat.We expunge the possibility from our minds as if by denying its inevitability we can prevent its certainty.

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You have a fatal disease that is extremely rare, and there is no known cure." I hardly heard the rest of what he was saying. I had been the rabbi of a congregation for almost four decades.