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Talk about with your partner or anyone else who’s willing to listen.

Officials suspected she was lying about her reasons for travel — and sought to prove whether she was "a bona fide virgin or fiancée." This was just one example of "fiancée tests" the British Foreign Office conducted throughout the 1970s, the reports.

It's time to root virginity testing out, whether that means opposing the Indonesian military's practices, or undermining the modern myths about virginity that persist today.

Pacific Standard grapples with the nation's biggest issues by illuminating why we do what we do.

He had two full sleeve tattoos, bragged about being a misanthropist and was a budding bartender. Once he started kissing me in his dingy kitchen, which smelled like pizza and lemon floor cleaner, I knew we would have sex.

We did, of course, and when it was over, I didn’t feel bad, scared or really even that satisfied. Though I had been prepared for my first time for a while, here are four tips I wish I would have gotten from friends to calm my pre-sex jitters.

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(Of course, someone who is a virgin upon marriage can still have sex with other partners afterward.) Over time, the premium placed on virginity became a sign of a "successful patriarchy as a whole," Blank writes in her book — where men control the behavior and movement of women and children.

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