Facebook dating scams

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It was a video chat on Facebook with a friendly seeming fellow that led a 63-year-old woman in Troy to fall for his pleas four times.She ended up sending him more than ,000 before she refused any more of his requests and sought help last week, police said.It’s become a common tale of woe with the internet — another senior gets scammed.But after years of warnings about impostors sending e-mails and dangerous web sites — primarily, dating sites — this case in suburban Detroit has a fresh spin on state-of-the-art social media, namely Facebook.I think people simply don’t apply their God given wisdom whenever finding a date online.Trust me, there many thousands of success stories about people finding real Ghana love online - because Ghanaians are one of the nicest and most hospitable nationals.Also on Freep.com: Scams you really need to worry about: Puppies, gold, cars Get your tax refund before you file?Here's why it's happening In Congressional hearings Wednesday in Washington, members of the Senate Special Committee on Aging heard testimony about escalating fraud nationwide.

Another motive is sheer kindness, such as the Troy victim’s wish to help someone give a gift to his granddaughter."There’s typically not much we can do," Lehman said.In the recent case, "it appears that this suspect is overseas. The scenario that led this victim to trust an impostor could’ve involved her playing into several motives common to many fraud victims, according to consumer watchdogs.After finding someone online, it is simply not OK to check whether he/she is on social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) but go the extra mile to Google and conduct image search of the new person.There is a lot of info you can find out about someone simply by spending the extra time to learn by researching before taking the next step.

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A third motive that could've misled the Troy woman is what fraud experts said probably creates the majority of online fraud victims: ordinary greed.

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