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(PROSE: The Pit) Bernice had already begun to keep a diary — she continued to keep diaries her entire life.

She evinced some interest in archaeology by this point: she sent off for a badge that read "I Dig Archaeology". ) Bernice later recalled waving goodbye to her father's battleship, (PROSE: Shadowmind) the Tisiphone, as it departed to fight the Daleks near Bellatrix.

Some dates given for her birth would place it a century too early for her to have lived through her formative events (PROSE: Falls the Shadow) and others would mean that she was only three years old when she was depicted as being seven.

(PROSE: Return of the Living Dad) These discrepancies were due to Irving Braxiatel meddling with her timeline.

Within six months of Admiral Summerfield's disappearance (PROSE: The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield Considered as a Short Film by Terry Gilliam) and some time after Benny's eighth birthday, (AUDIO: The Extinction Event) the Daleks attacked Beta Caprisis.

(PROSE: Human Nature) For some portions of their travels, Bernice and the Doctor were joined by Ace (PROSE: Deceit et al) and Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester.

(PROSE: Original Sin et al) Benny left the Doctor to marry Jason Kane.

(PROSE: Happy Endings) Bernice's history following her marriage with Jason was heavily manipulated by Irving Braxiatel, (AUDIO: The End of the World) who tried to keep Benny close to him due to her potential destiny as an integral person in the creation of the Deindum.

She was considered for Section Leader among the cadets, but her disciplinary record prohibited this.

(PROSE: The Tunnels to Heaven) She was involved with extracurriculars in her time at the Academy; she was one of its better tennis players, (PROSE: Thirty Love) and she sang in its production of Carousel.

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(PROSE: Return of the Living Dad) The ship went missing and Bernice's father was thought dead.