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Edie falco dating

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Falco got the role after working with Fontana on Homicide.

Falco received her breakout role in the HBO drama, The Sopranos. She portrayed Carmela Soprano, wife of Mafia boss Tony Soprano.

The series received wide acclaim, and is often considered to be one of the greatest television series of all time.

The limited engagement, directed by Leigh Silverman, began previews on February 5 with an official opening February 26. presidential election, Falco appeared in a 30-second television commercial on behalf of Mothers Opposing Bush in which she said, "Mothers always put their children first. Falco has had struggles with alcohol and decided to become sober sometime in the early 1990s after "one particular night of debauchery." She said in an interview that it was difficult to be around the hard-partying cast of The Sopranos; "This cast in particular, they really love to hang out and party. I'm always invited, and I'm always there for two minutes and I leave, because I can't live in that world anymore.

Along with Falco, the play starred John Ellison, Christopher Evan Welch, Phoebe Strole, and Frances Sternhagen. It's too dangerous." She told Parade magazine that, "I believe this is at the base of everything bad in society—you can bring it back to cruelty to animals.

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