Diary dating beautiful single woman

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I told him nope I was going to cook but dinner will be late so I advise him to bring a snack or two. I told him that I loved him and he quickly said I love you too before he hung. I think every little girl grows up wanting to get married to a big strong handsome man who will love and protect then have many kids together like in the fairy-tales.Even girls who grow up in single parented homes have similar dreams and it just depends how long that fantasy last because some catch on to the reality of love and relationships faster than the others do.

When I got pregnant we had already decided to get married because in all honesty we had everything in place to start a family.

CHAPTER ONE I had been waiting for this moment all day!

Firstly he took off the jacket I was wearing and roughly threw it on to the floor, he was not being gentle and I loved that but I warned him not to leave any bruises. I loved the danger of the moment and the power of reclaiming my body.

He turned around and asked, “Is that your husband” and casually without even panicking I said yes, he was early today.

I picked up the phone and my husband asked what was for dinner and if he should bring anything.

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