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David Cassidy, who was one of the actual musical talents of the show (alongside Shirley Jones), was making a bleak 0 a week, when in comparison to the amount he was racking in for the production was easily ten times more per week.

Luckily, David was able to renegotiate his contract after it was learned that he was underage when he signed the contract.

On the show, Shirley Partridge is the mother to Keith Partridge.

In real life, Shirley Jones, who plays Shirley Partridge, and David Cassidy, who plays Keith Partridge, are actually related. Shirley was married to Jack Cassidy, David’s father, from 1956 until the two decided to divorce in 1974.

Still, he wasn't happy with the way he heard he was portrayed in "C'mon Get Happy." "Maybe that was Danny's take. "I mean, I was the only person who called Danny Bonaduce when he got busted about seven, eight years ago and offered him a job when he was in jail. Maybe it was the network trying to diminish me knowing that NBC was doing a movie. "I think he was embarrassed about it because he knew what ABC's intention was and he knew why they did it." PLAYING DAVID CASSIDY: Cassidy admits he wasn't really aware of Andrew Kavovit before the 26-year-old actor was cast to play him in the TV movie -- casting that Cassidy himself approved -- but he's now one of his biggest fans. I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with him," he said.

And there are even some similarities in their backgrounds.

Partridge was never discussed, as if he didn’t exist almost (although obviously he did).

Shirley Jones was born in Pennsylvania and hit the ground running with her acting career.

And I've been fortunate enough to say I don't want to work for money. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't important, but it's not the reason that I go to work. As a matter of fact, I would have made an effort not to see it because it would have tainted my own feelings about all of those people. And about my own experience with it," Cassidy said. Because, again, to go back and to look at it, and to have had the legacy that this show had and that we all -- Susan Dey and myself and Shirley and Danny -- have all come out of it and had careers afterward, it seems so sad to go and do something that's so cheap and unnecessary." According to Cassidy, that other movie had been shelved by ABC 31/2 years ago and was only dragged out of mothballs when NBC announced his movie.We wanted to find out more about this favorite American family.What ever happened between David Cassidy and Susan Dey? And which one of the actors ended up becoming a combination racecar/ stunt driver?Partridge Family hits such as I think I love you, Looking through the eyes of love, and I woke up in love this morning took the world by storm and appeared on charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and beyond.The show itself ran from 1970 up until 1974, but over the course of those 96 episodes, we were all treated to the delightful music and insights of the Partridge family, and the impact the family made on American culture, music, and television is incredible.

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The United States and people around the globe simply could not get enough of this musically talented family and their doting, loving mother.

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