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Is there a (safe) detachment between the true self and the ‘role’ we assume in front of a camera?

And, ultimately, are we actually building dreams from memory - and to what degree does that help us in understanding what is real and what is not?

Does the camera influence us in representing our true emotions - or, on the contrary, is it an instrument that is able to see beyond human facades?

Is it true that the more we try to hide, the more things are revealed?

Let's face it - online dating is a visual game.

I struggled with the crazy sun, and then embraced it.

Final Wing goes on location or has you meet at a suggest setting.

I have come to realize that every person wants to get good results in online dating.

With Final Wing we will give you knowledge and confidence to never have a missed connection ever again.

Depending on what you are looking for we will coach and give you all the tools to build a genuine connection in real life.

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I’m Saskia and I created Hey Saturday, the first and coolest dating photography agency on the planet.

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