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His life's work was getting women into bed by saying anything and being anyone. But perhaps he is merely a toad in Princely trappings.If Broken Hearted Melody is your theme song and you get some sort of special thrill from having pains in your stomach that scream what did you do, then by all means listen to the cache of stories that this new man is plying you with and jump into bed on the sound of the first "we". A one stop rent-a-life guy who goes back to a wife and kids or to his rented apartment on the other side of the tracks.

The idea that you might like to have someone in your life is totally different then feeling that you must have someone in your life or you are not complete. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to comprehend just how powerful you really are, so let go and just know that it's true.�"Expect only the best and it will be yours.If and when he finally does call he will no doubt have a litany of excuses all of which prevent him from seeing you anytime soon. You did nothing wrong and the evening could have been sheer The dynamics of your personality and his may have been Once this man of many faces is out of your presence you have no idea what he was thinking or doing.Perhaps you were just an interesting diversion from his normal day to day existence.Just remember this, the men that you meet at parties and events should be looked at as actors vying for a part in your play called life. So just view your evenings in a more analytical manner and don't be so overwhelmed with emotion when you meet someone.Listen to what they are really saying and above all ask questions and listen to the answers that they give not what you want to hear. As much as I attempt to put age behind me I find it necessary to continue to harp on the fact that I was 60 years old when took this trip to South Africa alone...rather moved there. I want to ennunciate that fact just as a way of indicating that it is NEVER too late to find that perfect person your soulmate.

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If what you want is a relationship that has some hope of permanence than you don't want some guy who is in the mood to get laid and will tell you what you want to hear to get there.

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