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Dating starrett tools

Starrett held over 100 patents, including a particularly significant micrometer patented July 29, 1890. He also produced tools with pre-1900 patents of Frederick A. In the event that no public record can be found for a claimed mark, it will be included instead in the later section listing informal trademarks.In the table below, the Company column is generally the entity name that filed the application.In addition to registered trademarks, many tools are marked with words or stamped images serving as brand names or informal trademarks.In some cases, the maker may have claimed the brand as a trademark, but no corresponding registration could be found in the USPTO trademarks database.

Table 2 lists a number of word marks used as brand names or informal trademarks, with notes indicating the particular use.These dates were generally not subject to validation and may be rough estimates in some cases, especially if the trademark application was filed long after the first use date.Note that the table is sorted first by company name, then by first use date, and finally by registration number.If you don't have a way to host images - or don't know how to re-size them - attach them to an e-mail addressed to me and I will do it for you.Starrett Micrometers have been the favorite micrometer of many machinists and engineers dating back to the 1800's.

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The "Shorthand" column is just a fanciful name assigned for convenience of reference; it doesn't necessarily correspond to what the maker would have called it.

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