Dating spoiled girlfriend

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You love your boyfriend and you want to spend as much time with him as possible - totally understandable! He does have other friends and family members he needs to make time for.Part of a healthy relationship is being able to be apart sometimes.Remember how last week we gave you 10 signs to show that you might have a bad boyfriend?Well, blaming all relationship issues on the guy isn’t exactly fair…It's okay to feel lonely - it's not okay to use someone because they can fix your loneliness a little. If you're only dating this guy until someone better comes along, stop.You owe it to him and yourself to date someone you really care about.Relationships are hard work and we all mess up sometimes.

Next time she calls or next time you go and visit her, say to yourself, "I want to do it, and I do it while of sound mind and by my own choice".Don't lie to him about who you're hanging out with or who you're texting.Not only is lying downright rude, it's also messy, and getting caught is a quick way to end a relationship.If you can't stand the person you're with, then why are you still with them?You make many wonder if the title of a gold digger applies to you - you speak so badly about your gf, but you're with her.

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Being a bad girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re a bad person – it just means you may need to change some things, or take some time before you go into a serious relationship.

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