Dating somebody suffering fear of abandonment

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Dating somebody suffering fear of abandonment

It might give you a clearer picture of where you are. Attaching too quickly It may seem contrary to the fact that most people who suffer from abandonment issues are the ones who don’t want to commit.

But we are speaking of people who get attached to new people quickly.

It’s quite regular for even children to suffer from these anxieties, especially when they begin school.

The thought of being alone and away from their parents is traumatizing for them.

So, the fear is purely built on a hypothetical ‘what if’ rather than any present issues.

That’s because when you commit, you expect that the other person gives in equally, if not more, into something you are putting your heart and soul into.This wall works both ways – it doesn’t allow anyone else to breach it and form a connection with them either.Their fear is greater than their willingness to experience or experiment.Their attraction to one partner is short lived, and sooner than later, they often ‘fall out of love’ from that partner.Or they could also be excessively clingy to a partner, making them over-protective, possessive, and controlling.

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It may seem like they’re happiness ninjas, and are waiting for every opportunity to strike. More importantly, they are doubting of their partners too.

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