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Dating selfish person

It’s ticking their boxes because they might be getting a shag/shoulder to lean on/ego stroke or even money, or whatever it is that is that they perceive as the ‘benefit’.When you realise they’re not on the same page, you try to teach them how to be a team player instead of hanging solo.They’re always busy, tired, or filled with excuses when it comes to you. They have no sense of empathy unless something directly affects them, they could care less and won’t try to fix it.If you had a terrible day, he’ll brush it off, call you dramatic, and just tell you to cheer up, rather than putting himself in your shoes and being there for you. The conversations you have are usually one sided, and about your partner never you.

I regularly ask people what their interests are, what they desire, what their goals are etc and most of them have become lost in the other person and have lost touch with what they want.It’s also important to note that I come across an alarming number of people who believe themselves to be on the same page for the wrong reasons – they think because they have mindblowing sex, read highbrow books, and share the same political views that they’re on the same page.It doesn’t matter if you appear to share common interests if you’re not in the same relationship.It was a deflated success and I realised that not only was she taking advantage of our friendship and my conscientiousness, but that I had allowed her to and that she was on board the way that I was on board.When I’ve been in ‘relationships’ with lazy or reluctant team mates, it’s been comparable to trying to cycle a tandem bike on my own with the ‘team’ mate on it, with a flat tyre… Many people assume that if they do the work of both parties in the relationship and love unconditionally without boundaries, that somehow they’ll reap the reward at some point in some sort of ‘cup runneth over and reciprocates eventually’ sort of fantasy.

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The reason why you will find yourself struggling in a dubious relationship is because you believe the relationship to be more than what it is (or want it to be more than what it is) – you’re trying to operate as a team with lazy or reluctant team mate.

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