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(d) “proper military authority” when used in relation to any power, duty, act or matter, such military authority as, in pursuance of these rules or the regulations made under the Act or the usages of the service, exercises or performs that power or duty or is concerned with the act or matter; [(d-iii) “reckonable commissioned service” means service from the date of permanent commission, or the date-of-seniority for promotion fixed on grant of that commission including any ante date for seniority granted under the rules in force on grant of commission: Provided that periods of service forfeited by sentence of court-martial by summary award under the Act and periods of absence without leave, shall be excluded but periods during which furlough rates of pay are drawn and periods of capacity on prisoners of war rates of pay shall be included;] 3.

Reports and applications.—Any report or application directed by these rules to be made to a superior authority, or a proper military authority, shall be made in writing through the proper channel, unless the said authority, on account of military exigencies or otherwise, dispenses with the writing.(1) The forms set forth in the appendices to these rules, with such variations as the circumstances of each case may require, may be used for the respective purposes therein mentioned, and if used, shall be sufficient, but a deviation from such forms shall not, by reason only of such deviation, render invalid any charge, warrant, order, proceedings or any other document relevant to these rules.

This standardization ensures that all dates are understood correctly no matter who may be reading or writing them.

If it is not so administered, it may be administered by a magistrate or a recruiting officer or an assistant recruiting officer commanding the station. Transfer from one corps or department to another.—Where the Central Government by any general or special order published in the Official Gazette so directs, any person enrolled under this Act may, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the conditions of service for which he is enrolled, be transferred to any corps or department by order of an authority exercising powers not less than those of an officer commanding a division.

CHAPTER III DISMISs AL, DISCHARGE, ETC.(1) Every person enrolled under the Act shall, as soon as he becomes entitled under the conditions of his enrolment to be discharged, be so discharged with all convenient speed: Provided that no person shall be entitled to such discharge, if the Central Government has, by notification suspended the said entitlement to discharge for the whole or a part of the regular Army.

(2) The dismissal of a person subject to the Act, other than an officer whose dismissal otherwise than by sentence of a court-martial is duly authorised or the discharge of a person so subject whose discharge, if duly authorised, shall be carried out by the commanding officer of such person with all convenient speed.

The authority competent to authorise such dismissal or discharge may, when authorising the dismissal or discharge, specify any future date from which it shall take effect: Provided that if no such date is specified the dismissal or discharge shall take effect from the date on which it was duly authorised or from the date on which the person dismissed or discharged, ceased to perform military duty, whichever is the later date.

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