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Today, the factory still stands, but the major product is china dinnerware. During January and February, Reinhold shipped factory samples to wholesale firms, and most likely, to factory representatives as well.Orders based on these samples were taken and placed with the factory during the first part of the year.First, the second factory in Tillowitz, (Upper Silesia) began to make far less expensive porcelain than the one in Suhl, owing to the closer proximity of raw materials, and the abundance of cheap labor. Reinhold's firm was noted for innovations in the manufacture and decoration of porcelain. One for a clock case was assigned to George Borgfeldt of New York in 1894.

Most wholesale firms issuing catalogs throughout the year show large sections of imported china only in their September through November issues.

Contrary to folklore, these two operations were in direct competition with each other.

Reinhold's factory was founded and initially owned by Reinhold, and subsequently with his two sons, Ehrhard and Arnold.

Unfortunately, public taste began to change about 1905.

The complex mold patterns stocked by American wholesale firms began to be replaced by china in simple shapes.

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The manufacture of porcelain in Tillowitz continued through WWII.