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Dating paintings frame

If you are painting on hardboard over 18 inches (45.72 cm), you will want to "cradle" the panel (it's not a bad idea for smaller boards, but not necessary).

This should be done prior to painting and will prevent the board from warping both while painting and over time.

You will find that building your own canvas and hardboard support saves money as well.

Victorian gilt swept frame, delicate decoration, ideal for a miniature landscape or portrait.

Total width of moulding not including corner decor - 41mm.

Hardboard is the term used for a board or panel made from a hardwood such as oak, cedar, birch, walnut, or mahogany.

Softwoods like pine are not suitable for painting because they contain excess resins and they tend to crack. The surface is more rigid so there tends to be less cracking in the painting as it dries and ages.

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