Dating of multidose vials

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Dating of multidose vials

Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired.

Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they require large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.

According to the FDA: “Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration [this means injected into the body] if kidney function is impaired . Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.” [Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Document NDA 19-626/S-019, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for Dextrose Injections.] “Aluminum content in parenteral drug products could result in a toxic accumulation of aluminum in individuals receiving TPN therapy. Available online at: So basically from those documents we learn that if a premature baby receives more than 10 mcg of aluminum in an IV, it can accumulate in their bones and brain, and can be toxic.

Research indicates that neonates [newborns] and patient populations with impaired kidney function may be at high risk of exposure to unsafe amounts of aluminum. The FDA maximum requirements for aluminum received in an IV is 25 mcg per day.

Robyn Crosford I personally became aware of what formaldehyde is most commonly used for by our local mortician several years ago. All of these derive from either human tissue or human blood.

For the past few years, I have been researching the ins and outs of how our bodies handle toxins and where those toxins come from. These ingredients have been of concern to me after learning about many children who have regressed after vaccination, many of whom also have mitochondrial disease, immune deficiency or other metabolic and immune challenges.

When I come across an ingredient I cannot pronounce, a chemical I have never heard of, or an unintelligible acronym, I do what any person (I hope) would do . It has led me to wonder, is there possibly an ingredient in the vaccine that could cause a child to have a reaction that leads to regression? Cumulative population doublings to senescence is 42-48.

The amount of aluminum in the Hepatitis B vaccine alone is almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED.

At well-child check-ups, it’s common for 2 month, 4 month, 6 month etc., appointments to include up to 8 vaccinations that add up to more than 1,000 mcg of aluminum.

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So doing some math — the following are examples of weight with their corresponding maximum levels of aluminum, per the FDA: 8 pound, healthy baby: 18.16 mcg of aluminum 15 pound, healthy baby: 34.05 mcg of aluminum 30 pound, healthy toddler: 68.1 mcg of aluminum 50 pound, healthy child: 113 mcg of aluminum 150 pound adult: 340.5 mcg of aluminum 350 pound adult: 794.5 mcg of aluminum So how much aluminum is in the vaccines that are routinely given to children?

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