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Dating obsidian arrowheads

Archeologist don’t use faulty methods to date artifacts so why would obsidian hydration fall in the category when history has shown that this method has had many faults and so many variables that could throw off the accuracy?Obsidian dating can be lacking in the dating area because of the time it takes to absorb water from the environment, variable absorption rates because of temperature and relative humidity of the environment climate, tendency of rim layers to crumble, needing to be hydrated several decades before being able to date, and generally has not proven very successful in the past.Lithic technology was a core-flake reduction process that exhibited little temporal change.Ceramics are absent and thus technological, stylistic, or luminescent dating studies are not possible.Even with its short comings there is still potential on this continuously progressing method by way we are correcting mistakes and improving upon the method of obsidian hydration.

These objects were widely traded so the method could potentially be expanded to evaluate many regional climates.

Three obsidian nodules were taken and reduced to four flakes for hydration for a total of 12 samples.

The samples taken were taken to an laboratory for the obsidian hydration parameters (activation energy and diffusion constant) where the techniques involved hydrating obsidian samples in the laboratory at elevated temperatures, determining the activation energy and diffusion constant, and then computing the hydration rate for temperatures of archaeological interest, after which the hydration rate was computed for an effective hydration temperature (EHT).

Rogers on Topaz Mountain obsidian and Nicholas Tripcevich on a quarry at high elevation in the central Andes.

The study of Alexander is a great example since it takes previous obsidian hydration method and builds upon it to give more accurate dating while Nicholas study is just as important since the analysis is taken in a relatively uncommon area. The intensive quarrying indicted that easy to obtain pieces of nodules were no longer available on the surface so mining began.

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The samples collected must also know the area, depth, climate temperature, elevations, and other assurances but I will focus on what typically needs to be known.

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