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Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact.The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very powerful mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth.The orientation of a building is purely mathematical, because orientation is dimensionless, i.e. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties.When we process the orientations of virtually all ancient buildings around the world, it reveals a great discovery.The facts of our new dating model are not only supported by the math itself, but also by flood myths and stories of “Visitors from the Sky”, and furthermore by scientific observations such as the orientation of ancient sites, paleomagnetic data, orbital data of the Earth, and ice core data.All data is pointing in only one compelling direction.An excavation site will also be visited, where students will see the techniques learned in practice.A short practical session will also take place in January, in which the use of a database will be practised. Registration for the course is not necessary, registration for the exam is mandatory.

Most people are even more shocked when they discover which time frames we are talking about.To the contrary, it is not some statistical glitch but a very powerful mathematical “signal” from more than 552 independent ancient structures around the world – an ancient phenomenon that traditional science has completely overlooked, comparable to an encrypted message from outer space. when archaeologists dig up ancient remains from many meters of soil, the chronostratigraphy records evidently tell that these layers are hundreds of thousands of years old.Clearly, geology and archaeology are separate disciplines both seemingly living in a fantasy world.Because the nodes occur in a latitudinal direction, they point to drastic climate changes, and we suggest that these are due to crustal shifts.Remarkably, in every instance, we see that the nodes correlate with the temperature peaks and valleys of the last series of ice ages.

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When intersecting, the resulting pattern appears to form several nodes.

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