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While every situation is different, it is important to keep in mind that having a New Jersey statutory rape attorney to review all of the available information and defend statutory rape allegations can make a real difference.Contacting a New Jersey Statutory Rape Attorney If you have been charged with statutory rape, contact an experienced New Jersey statutory rape lawyer to review your situation and evaluate every possible legal defense you may have available to you.

Regardless of the designation, these crimes are based on the premise that until a person reaches a certain age, he is legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse.Yes, we have a federal system, but there is no federal common law for the age of consent.At the same time, there has to be some system to protect children and punish adults, and age is the easiest referent for maturity.Essentially, that means that if someone violates the law, they are guilty.In the case of statutory rape, that means not knowing the alleged victim’s age is generally not a defense. However, that can often be challenged in situations where the minor looked older, told the person they were of age, or even had a fake ID that could have been reasonably believed to be valid.

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New Jersey sexual assault is generally considered a second-degree felony which can result in spending up to 10 years in prison and paying significant fines.

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