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Korolevo is 7km from Vinogradov, 47km from Mukachevo and 202km from Lvov. Richard Johnson Looking for information on how to further research my gfather and gmother. BERMAN BROOKS i know my grandaddy was in Gordo Alabama in 1913. January 12, 1883 in town of Jolsva, Provence of Gomar, Hungary Immigrated to the USA August 23, 1900 Edmund Spisak I am recearching HERDEBU and KELLER Family history They left Bethlenhaza Hungary now Bethausen Romania in 1903 came to North Dakota USA.My grandfathers father was head of the train station and his brother was an officer in the military. My grandfather was Joseph Pastor (Pasztor) who was born in Haniska and returned to Slovakia and died in Kosice. Any help on how to search this in Slovakia would be helpful Vince Brice i AM looking for anyt information about my grandaddy-Harry S. The Keller family lived in Rudolfsgnad Hungary in 1871.

They occupied this region for nearly a century, using it to launch raids into Western Europe.Ancient habitation of Slovakia has been verified by radiocarbon dating that puts the oldest surviving archaeological artifacts found in the area at some 250,000 years old.From that Paleolithic Age on through the Bronze Age, tribes of people lived here, many in caves.The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire - at the height of its power - expanded into the Kingdom of Hungary in the 16th century; regional raids and wars soon followed and destruction in the Slovakia territory was not a stranger.As the Turks withdrew from Hungary in the late 17th century, the importance of Slovakia decreased, although Bratislava retained its status as the capital of Hungary until 1848.

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