Dating france japanese dating

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Dating france japanese dating

I don’t quite get what one has to do with the other though.

■ Men’s Choice – France (9.3%) The ladies of France have won the hearts of Japanese men.

■ Women’s Choice – Germany (10.6%) Granted Germany doesn’t have the romantic character that other European countries enjoy, but for many women that can be a good thing.

A lot of women appreciate the German stereotype of being “very serious and reliable” which was their most popular reason.

Japanese women also see a lot of similarities between German culture and their own.

But one 54 year-old respondent gave the reason that most guys were probably thinking: “I’m a big fan of Korean dramas.” ■ Women’s Choice – USA (7.3%) Many American guys might not be happy with a 5 place ranking, but it’s that drive and optimism that women seem to like about them.More than looks, status, or other parts of their character it was simply a “ladies first” attitude that made this nation the most popular.That’s not to say that they weren’t thinking about David Beckham too.The other popular reason to buy American was that they’re a good study tool for English, which might irk some English men out there. ■ Men’s Choice – England (8.0%) Some respondents like that English women seem to have character and a rather dignified image.However, considering that most respondents included the Olympics in their reasons, their impression of British women may have been skewed by gymnasts and swimmers.

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■ Men’s Choice – USA (8.7%) It seems that the Japanese men’s reasons for choosing American women echoed the women’s.

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