Dating fender stratocaster serial number

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Dating fender stratocaster serial number

Fender serial numbers were assigned like this: bin with serialized plates/bridges. The serial number can only generalized the age of the instrument within a few years.

Also in 1959/1960 some serial numbers were at the bottom of the neck plate instead of the usual top.4 to 6 digit Neck Plate Serial Numbers (no other letters or markings on the neck plate, except for the rare "-" or "0" prefix, as noted). made Fenders, starting in mid-1976 has the serial number on the peghead.0001 to 6000 = 1954 6000 to 9000 = 1955 9000 to 16000 = 1956 16000 to 25000 = 1957 (some numbers with a "0" or "-" prefix) 25000 to 30000 = 1958 (some numbers with a "0" or "-" prefix) 30000 to 40000 = 1959 40000 to 58000 = 1960 55000 to 72000 = 1961 72000 to 93000 = 1962 93000 to 99999 = late 1963 to mid 1963L-Series (late 1962 to late 1965) (serial number on neckplate preceded with an "L"): L00001 to L20000 = late 1962 to late 1963 L20000 to L55000 = 1964 L55000 to L99999 = 1965F-Series (late 1965 to mid-1976) (big script "F" on neckplate below serial number): 100000 to 110000 = late 1965 110000 to 200000 = 1966 180000 to 210000 = 1967 210000 to 250000 = 1968 250000 to 280000 = 1969 280000 to 300000 = 1970 300000 to 330000 = 1971 330000 to 370000 = 1972 370000 to 520000 = 1973 500000 to 580000 = 1974 580000 to 690000 = 1975 690000 to 750000 = 1976Serial Number on Peghead Decal. Note the following number could be off as much as two years.Deluxe)V 5 or 6 DIGITS (American Vintage Series except '52 Telecaster)XN5 4 Digits 2005 The following serial numbers are somewhat outside the more, well known Fender serial number schemes.If you have what you consider to be a somewhat "odd" serial number, please check the following chart to see if you find your serial number configuration here.

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SZ0(XXXXX)-'00, SZ1(XXXXX)-'01, SZ2(XXXXX)-'02, etc. 3 DIGITS OF 500 35TH Anniversary Strat from 1989-1990 G(XXXXXX) "STRAT" from about 1980, (Gold hardware, 2 position rotary tone switch) 4 DIGITS STAMPED ON BRIDGE PLATE U. '52 Vintage Telecaster 1982-1988 (Check neck date for specific year) 5 DIGITS STAMPED ON BRIDGE PLATE U. '52 Vintage Telecaster 1988-present (Check neck date for specific year) T(XXXXXX) Tribute series instruments C(XXXXXX) Collectors Series XN(XXXXX) FSRs and '52 Teles REFERENCE MATERIALS FOR DATING FENDER INSTRUMENTSIf you are unable to place the approximate year of manufacture of your instrument using the above charts, there are a few great books available, which have invaluable information on the history of Fender instruments.

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