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Dating employment

That said, Slater says a dating company moving into the jobs market might strike some people (at first glance) as odd.

“If you’re in a bar getting drunk trying to meet new people, would you want a bunch of recruiters walking up asking if you need a new job?

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Virtual Dating Assistants maintains a second location in New York, New York.

Using advanced testing and data analysis, Virtual Dating Assistants helps men and women connect with their ideal mates without doing any in-depth searching.

Here are five tips for executing a healthy, functional employee fraternization and dating policy: If you need help establishing or actioning an employee fraternization and dating policy for your company, or if you require advice on how to handle employee relationships (and how to prevent any problems that might arise as a result of them), contact an HR professional or a specialist employment law attorney.

“There is some evidence that online dating is associated with longer term positive relationship outcomes, but I’m skeptical that the matching algorithms have anything to do with it,” says Reuben J.

Thomas, assistant professor of sociology at The University of New Mexico, who has also studied dating site algorithms.

And there’s also an overlap in the philosophy of the two e Harmony services.

“If people come home and they’re unhappy with their job and boss, it puts a lot of tension on a marriage,” he says.

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Also see: Job interviews are getting weirder For its part, e Harmony obviously wants to reach more customers.