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Other raids took place in resorts across the UK leading to a magistrates sessions where thousands of Mc Gills cards were ordered to be destroyed under the 1857 Obscene Publications Act and burned.The following year a show trial was held in Lincoln where the artist, who was 79 by then, was persuaded to accept a guilty plea on four cards which were immediately banned.

* Mc Gill was found guilty and fined £50 with £25 costs."He was just like a machine churning out these incredible postcards."He was so clever with the English language, his postcards are also timeless and translate well to the 21st century."Mc Gill's career spanned nearly six decades of keen observation and he charted changing society through the Suffragette movement, transport and two world wars," added James."He is the man who shines forth when it comes to seaside postcards as he was so prolific and so talented.

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But in 1953 he faced obscenity charges over his cards after what appeared to be an orchestrated clean up around the country.

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