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Ultimately, the question you need to ask yourself is, "Am I willing and ready to fit in with him; with his plan for his life?" Ideally you would have asked and answered this at the start of your courtship; but better late than never.But in a biblical marriage, God's design for a man to take responsibility for headship and provision makes his career primary.That doesn't mean she shouldn't get an education or even pursue a career track, but her career will, at some point, require flexibility that his doesn't.Logistics are not perfect, and won't be, in fact, for the next six years.Obviously, it is ridiculous to wait six years for marriage (and I don't think either of us could physically hold out that long); but I don't know if being married and separated by five hours' distance is better than waiting until timing is slightly better.When God made Eve, He did so in order to meet Adam's need for a helper. You could still involve them in the relationship via phone calls and e-mail.

Either it's marriage to this man or grad school and the career that will follow.If you decide marriage, then you have to at least be to lay down your career aspirations if they conflict with his (and there's also the issue of any babies that might come along and how they would fit, or not fit, with the demands placed on someone in your field).I realize that our culture sees nothing out of the ordinary when a couple weighs equally his and her career options with the goal being to balance both.But where she doesn't, you must respectfully, diplomatically reject it.And the only way to know which is which is to be reading the Bible, studying God's revealed wisdom daily, and praying for discernment.

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But keep in mind if you walk away, another opportunity like this may not come along. As one I've spent most of my 28 years of life setting and attaining goals, seemingly for the purpose of filling the black hole that was my ego.

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