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Dating an uneducated man

The work is purportedly based upon the King James Version, however the actual biblical text of the Expositor’s Study Bible has been altered by Swaggart and is not a pure King James Version. Modern bible versions often use capitalization to signify deity, such as the word “He” will be in capitals if it refers to God or Jesus. The original King James Version does not use this signifier.However Swaggart’s version does, but not just for deity, but for any word that Swaggart wants to elevate and this he does often, apparently at whim.Look them over carefully and see that such is indeed what Swaggart claims.Now let us consider the implications of Swaggart’s teaching.

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has published their own bible, called the Expositor’s Study Bible.

I’m just saying that if you are going to proclaim yourself a scholar and sit in judgment of God’s word (as you will soon see that he does) and correct and repeatedly insist passages should have been translated differently than any other translation has them, then you had better be an expert in the original biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek so as to support your suppositions.

Jimmy Swaggart has no such training and when you read his words that heaven is a planet somewhere to the north, your first thought is which way is north in outer space and you then realize that lacking education in simple science can lead to some very strange doctrines.

The Apostle Paul was Defeated by Sin One of the most dangerous teachings found in the Swaggart Bible is that, according to Swaggart, the Apostle Paul was continually overcome by sin while he ministered the gospel and wrote scripture, and that Paul did not understand the substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross, and in fact, none of the other apostles understood it either.

In short, the apostles didn’t know what they were talking or writing about.

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When you consider Swaggart’s constant claims to hear from God, that God told him this or that, and his oft repeated references to his new revelation from God that gave him “more light than the church has previously known,”[1] one wonders if he actually considers himself on the same level, or even above, one of the original apostles.

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