Dating age range chart

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They were too busy trying to stay alive to create art.

This period used to end 2.5 million years ago when humans first started making tools, but geologists extended it to 1.6 million BCE, trapping the early Lower Paleolithic period in it.

During the following 500,000 years, Homo erectus spread from Africa to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Between 1.5 million BCE and 500,000 BCE, Homo erectus and other variants of humans engendered more highly developed types of Homo, known as Archaic Homo sapiens.

It includes the later part of the Lower Paleolithic as well as the Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods.It is characterized by more advanced hunter-gathering, fishing and rudimentary forms of cultivation. How did prehistoric man manage to leave behind such a rich cultural heritage of rock art?This era is characterized by farming, domestication of animals, settled communities and the emergence of important ancient civilizations (eg. Answer: by developing a bigger and more sophisticated brain.Brain performance is directly associated with a number of "higher" functions such as language and creative expression.The consensus among most most paleontologists and paleoanthropologists, is that the human species (Homo) split away from gorillas in Africa about 8 million BCE, and from chimpanzees no later than 5 million BCE.

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Artworks created during their eras are believed to have been influenced by other cultures.